Something miraculous occurred when I moved back to St. Louis. I re-discovered the richness of its history, primarily its black history. Having worked as a PR consultant and publicist in the culinary, wine/spirits, hospitality sectors, I acquired a deep abiding love for black contributions to our nation’s culinary narrative. One day I heard myself enthusiastically sharing all I’ve learned about St. Louis’ black culinary scene and history with the publisher of Cuisine Noir magazine, where I contribute as a freelancer, and decided I needed another way to discuss my findings. This is it. Given I have a need to begin something or it will never be done, bear with missing info. You’re welcome to contact me to fill in gaps.

Who am I?

I am a 20-plus year PR professional who loves food, fun, and championing causes and people I believe in. I believe in this work, the places, and the people featured. I love eating, I also love history. Join me as I share a developing intimacy with St. Louis and its black culinary history, its present, and its culture.