Saint Louis 1980s Food and Fun

If there was fun to be had in St. Louis during the 80s, I had it. I found it, it found me, and fun was had by all. And all of the fun featured food and libation. Lots of libation.

Many of my food firsts were experienced in St. Louis.

  1. Shrimp St. Paul sandwich, which was a cheap eat that was also filling. A little over a buck.
  2. Anything on a Chinese restaurant menu. I hated Chinese food before St. Louis.
  3. Snout or snoot. Barbecued pig’s nose. Tried it once. That was enough.
  4. Moonshine.
  5. Buffalo wings at Culpepper’s.
  6. Brie and grapes.
  7. Pinot gris and noir.
  8. Chablis with maraschino cherries and ice cubes over at some joint across the river.
  9. Bitters and club soda to remedy gas and replace soda (pop).
  10. Miller ponies. Beer in general. I always equated beer with drunken frat boys from my college days.
  11. Grouper fish.
  12. Sweet potato pie.
  13. Tripe and no thank you. Never again.
  14. Chitlins or chitterlings.
  15. White Castle burgers or as my friends call themĀ “White Castles.” (no apostrophe)
  16. Fried okra.
  17. Fried zucchini.
  18. Dill.
  19. Salad as my primary meal.
  20. Brunch.
  21. Champagne punch.

Twenty-one virginal food and spirits experiences. My food tastes came of age here, which makes sense given I was barely out of my teens. Some of the things I loved then, I love now. If I didn’t like it then, most likely I still don’t like it. Will not like it. Those experiences informed who I am now, and I will blog about some of them as I post about my present experiences with food in St. Louis.

I hope you join me, but I also hope you share some of your experiences too.


[photo credit: culpeppers]


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